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Grevillea robusta originated from south eastern Australia.
The species was introduced in Kenya as a coffee shade and
is now naturalized in the country. Grevillea robusta grows
well in areas between 850 to 2500 metres above sea level
(m.a.s.l.), with a mean annual rainfall of 600 to 1500 mm
and mean annual temperatures of 13o
C to 21o
C. The species
performs best on well drained fertile soils but also grows
moderately well on medium textured soils (loam, clay-loam
to light sandy soils). However, it does not tolerate water
logged soils. The species is widely grown on farms in the
coffee and coffee-tea zones of central highlands eco-region
with high populations of the species in; Meru, Embu, Kirinyaga,
Muranga and Kiambu counties. Grevillea robusta is a
fast growing tree. On suitable sites, Grevillea can attain a
height of 20 m and diameter of up to 25 cm in 15 to 20

Grevillea is mainly used for timber, poles/posts and
fuelwood. Other used include bee forage, mulch, soil
conservation, wind break, shade and ornamental. Farmers
are encouraged to convert their Grevillea trees to timber,
rather than selling as whole tree or fuelwood to fetch
highest return from growing the tree.


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